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Empowering businesses to succeed with crucial and fundamental solutions.

The Black Small Business Association (BSBA) of California is committed to empowering and uplifting the small business community, specifically advocating for the needs of independent contractors and pre-emerging businesses. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support, professional development, and advocacy that leads to sustainable growth, economic prosperity, and generational wealth creation within underrepresented communities. We aim to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and success through collaboration, education, and tailored resources, fostering equitable opportunities and resilient business ecosystems.


BSBA subscribers gain exclusive access to resources designed to fortify their businesses. This includes enhanced accessibility to certifications and state resources, with a specific emphasis on fortifying their infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of tailored and culturally relevant training for underserved business owners, we offer comprehensive programs covering business development and sustainable strategies.

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We understand the small business landscape and the unique needs of our subscribers.

BSBA is the voice for marginalized independent contractors and emerging businesses. Over 3,000 startups and existing businesses have joined our network, benefiting from our technical assistance and infrastructure resources. Our mission is to empower our subscribers, equipping them with the structural strength and resilience needed to effectively navigate evolving economic landscapes and emerging social challenges.

Through personalized guidance, comprehensive training, and strategic insights, we pave the way for businesses to not only set ambitious goals but to also effectively work towards realizing them. Our commitment is to serve as a steadfast partner on their journey, catalyzing growth, sustainability, and success.

96% of all black businesses are micro- or mini-micro businesses

More than 40% of black businesses closed permanently as a result of the pandemic

Based on a survey conducted of our program participants in December 2020:

55.2% are sole proprietors

31% have had no business education

39% greatest challenge in business is the biggest challenge

30% are moderately confident in their business

48% have no business plan


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