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Please join us for a community conversation to discuss the stark reality of the Black small business landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 health emergency. Topics include SBA loans, Faith-Based Organizations; expansion of Unemployment Insurance for sole proprietors, independent contractors, and gig workers, and California's Small Business Guarantee Loan. How are Black small businesses expected to stay afloat during this crisis, when racist policies have historically prevented Black business owners from accessing these resources? 

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Please join us for a community conversation to discuss the COVID-19 and the Black Church: Is closing the church a lack of faith? How has the business of the church been affected? What changes have been made? What changes need to be made to survive post-COVID-19? Don't miss this informative discussion!

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Please join us for a community conversation to discuss the COVID-19 and the Black Beauty Industry: What was, what is and what is to come?How has the business of barbershops and beauty salons been affected? What changes are on the horizon? What can we do to help this industry survive post-COVID-19? Don't miss this informative discussion!


Please join us for a House Call with some of our favorite medical professionals as we discuss COVID-19 and the Black Community. You got questions? Because we plan to get some answers. Are the numbers true? Are Black people more susceptible to Coronavirus? How did Black people by and large become the face of this disease? Don't miss this informative discussion!


Please join us for a candid conversation with some of our favorite music professionals as we discuss COVID-19 and the impact on the music industry. From promoters, to musicians and artists the impacts are far reaching. Don't miss out on this lively discussion!


An informative conversation to discuss the new Sacramento County guideline and regulations pertaining to the extended phase 2 opening of dine-in services.  What are restaurants suppose to do.  Does this open our business owners up to code enforcement?  Join us to find out.

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COVID-19 has forever changed the way we do things. CA has given permission to certain counties to move further into phase 2 of the gradual reopening. Black restaurants and caterers are in the phase 2 category. What should we expect? How can they thrive? Let’s talk about it! 

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Originally we were going to discuss the President deeming churches "essential" and what this new designation would mean for churches. However with the world in an uproar all around us, we decided to shift and talk to Pastors about being Black men in America and how that impacts the way they minister to hurting people. We talked about how churches should be vocal about injustice and what we can expect from them moving forward. Tune in!!


If you are in the Black Beauty Industry, this conversation is for you!! If you have had specific questions, get your answers straight from the leading Public Health Official in Sacramento County Dr. Peter Beilenson! In addition to Dr. B, Elena Santa Maria, Policy Advisor from NextGen joins the call to talk about how the state supports small businesses.


The Hospitality reps are back for part 2, this time they brought a couple of friends with them. Join us as we discuss the REAL reason Black suppliers are locked out and continue to experience inequalities and lack of access.


Please join us for a conversation to discuss the Black policy agenda, what defunding the police department looks like, what our Black economic plan needs to be and where we need the White community to be that’s constructive socially and especially economically to dismantle institutional racism.

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