California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant


CA Relief Grant Round 6

APRIL 26 - MAY 4, 2021

CA Relief Grant Round 5

The State Legislature voted and passed the Golden State Stimulus to provide economic relief to small business owners in the State of California. The California Relief Grant received $2.075 billion in funding to help small businesses. 


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Mar. 25

Round 5 Applications accepted

Mar. 31

Round 5 Applications close 

Apr. 5

Start of Selection Notifications

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Round 5 Applicants!

CA Relief Grant Round 4


Arts & Cultural Programs

"Eligible nonprofit cultural institution" means a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity that satisfies the criteria for a qualified small business but with no limitation on annual gross revenue. 

Customer Service

(888) 759-5320


Mar. 16

Round 4 Applications accepted

Mar. 23

Round 4 Applications close 

Mar. 26

Start of Selection Notifications

Mar. 31

Selection Notification

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